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? >> cnbc chief writer jeff cox says yes and janes us to make the case and john mays says stronger headwinds are heading our way. jeff, you say we'll have an economic recovery and housing will have to lead the way. explain, and is it doing so? >> remember that old admonition, if not us, who and if not now, when? that applies to the housing market. if not housing what? i mean, we're seeing economist expectations of about 3%, maybe 2.5%, 3% growth in the u.s. this year. if that's going to happen, it's going to have to happen on the backs of the housing market. i heard some of the concerns that diane expressed. i don't think inventory will be that big of a problem going forward. so many houses that are had in the distress market pipeline. a couple of other quick points. >> very quickly. >> wealth effect that ben bernanke talks about is most prevalent in housing. housing prices get pressured up, that's going to help the wealth effect. >> okay. >> finally the stock market historically tells us when housing starts are up more than 25% in the previous year, the next year equity market gains about 9
. >>> the tech sector out performed the s&p 500 since the benchmark hit an all time high back in 2007. john ford now takes a look at which tech stocks led the market back then and how they are performing now. a comparison isn't it, john? >> yeah, mandy. intel and hp were two of the best performing stocks in the dow back then from january to october, 2007. intel was up 28% for the year. hp up 27%. things have changed a bit. intel is down 19% over the five plus years. hp down 68%. what happened? well, the smart phone and the cloud. intel and hp both got profits when growing pc business intel from chips hp from low margin scale in pcs. the pc business isn't growing anymore. gardner reported it was down 8 and then 5% year over year in the third quarter. on the flip side of the trend the biggest gainers in the s&p i.t. index reads like a who's who of cloud mobile and services. sales force, apple, red hot, intu it, ibm, all near the top of the list. the question is whether we're seeing another shift with apple's recent tumble. are products moving from apple to hardware from android and google and amaz
. are investors moving away from plays? >> joining us john from cgfi group and rick santelli. rick, i'll go to you first. we're talk about moving treasuries. is 2% enough to push people in mass into equities? >> you know, i don't think so. i think the percentages are much higher, but it is a start. and keep in mind global inflows to equities global was about $55 billion. that was a record for january. if you look at global inflow of bond funds and bond etfs, it was a whisker under $30 billion. so there's still money going in, but not as much. and of course the anxiety of potentially healthy global economy is always going to give traders an excuse to try to sell what is close to some historically low levels of yield, high levels of price. >> yeah. and when you look at equities you see this huge move in the markets. are we taking a bit of a breather? jordan, how do you see it? >> i think it's been constrained. uncertain election and fiscal cliff. and all of a sudden people are starting to pay attention to the fact there are -- inflation's low. i think the market starts to run, forest run. >> not a l
the noise, i think that the contributions that both vikram and john havens made to the firm were missed, and i think today the company's position, through a lot of hard work and tough decisions that they made. >> do you have the wherewithal and the tools to do what you really need to do to lead? there's a feeling out there, with all due respect, a feeling out there on the part of investors that the chairman is running things. is it his way or the highway, or do you have the ability to make the decisions you need to do to lead this firm? >> i've got the ability. we've got an active board, and our board is focused around good governance, but that doesn't mean their focus is on running the company. to me we've set the strategy and set the targets going forward, and we'll be held accountable as a management team and me as an individual with doing that. >> you've got a good relationship with michael o'neill, the chairman, and he's not telling you to do this, run the company this way? >> he's not. have a very good relationship. i know mike. we date back and did a lot of work together in city
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4